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Greetings everyone,

First of all, we apologize for the hiatus of this blog for a few months now. We were having difficulties because our government has blocked tumblr.com (our previous blog host) in Indonesia so we decided to move to wordpress.com now. So now.. WE’RE BACK!!

We have moved all of the posts on our tumblr blog to here but the media somehow can’t be shown here. So if you ever want to see our previous photos or videos we’re sorry to bother you but you have to look it up yourself on our tumblr site (link here if your country is not banning it).

It took us months to update this new blog because we need a few adjustments in creating the posts because it’s obviously different from tumblr. We decided to open it today because it’s SE7EN DAY!! July 7th is just an ordinary day for others but not for us Lucky Se7en! It’s even more special to us at Se7enation because it’s also our 11th anniversary today~!! Woo hoo~~!!

Now this blog’s purpose is to store everything that is related to our boy SE7EN (Choi Dong Wook) but we’re mostly active in Instagram! So follow us over there please~ And all updates from Instagram and this blog will be shown in our twitter also. So make sure to follow us over there too!! And don’t forget to show us love by liking and commenting also yeah?! 😉

Thank you and have a nice SE7EN day~!! 🙂

[INFO] “SE7EN 2018 Special Fanmeeting”


『SE7EN 2018 Special Fanmeeting』
■ Date:2018.07.07
■ Day:door open at 14:00 / start at 15:00
■ Night:door open at 18:00 / start at 19:00
■ Venue:Nakano Sun Plaza Hall

■ Price: 9,800 yen (per perfomance)

Official Goods

Besides that, they will also sell (for limited quantity):
· SE7EN pen light 2,500 yen
· SE7EN “Live Documentary Book” 5,800 yen

Note: All price is tax included. For purchase over 7,700 yen you can enter a lottery to win a signed postcard gift from Se7en (limited to 77 people for each performance)

more info: http://lucky-7.jp


[INFO ] SE7EN “Live Documentary Book”

se7en live documentary book

■ Title
SE7EN “Live Documentary Book”

■ Product content
Photo collection
· “SE7EN LIVE in JAPAN ” & Maihama Amphitheater
· “2017 SE7EN Winter Acoustic Live” & AiiA Theater Tokyo
· Photo & Live Report

■ Bonus DVD contents included
· “2017 SE7EN Winter Acoustic Live” includes 4 tracks from 12/28 Osaka performance
· Rehearsal making image

■Enclosure privilege
· Original Raw Photo

■Product specification
BOOK Soft cover / A4 size / all color with 82 pages / bonus DVD included

Make-to-order production (application period is ended)
List price 5,400 yen (tax included) + delivery fee 864 yen (tax included)

※ If you purchase multiple books, shipping fee will be 864 yen (tax included) per order.
※ This product is not handled at the bookstore. It is a mail order limited product.

※ The shipment of “Live Documentary Book” which received orders by many people is completed.
※ There may be differences in the arrival time depending on the delivery situation of your area. Please be appreciated.
※ Although we are planning to arrive normally several days, if it does not arrive by June 20th contact us as soon as possible.

More info: http://lucky-7.jp/news/detail/217

[INFO] Se7en to perform at Korean Musical “DOGFIGHT- One Night in San Francisco”


❤ === DOGFIGHT- One Night in San Francisco ===❤
❤ Synopsis:( from stageagent com )
On November 21, 1963, three Marines decide to spend their last night before their deployment to Southeast Asia for one final night of debauchery, partying and a little trouble. A “dogfight” ensues: who can find the ugliest girl in town and bring her to a party where she will be judged? Corporal Eddie Birdlace finds his winner in a young waitress named Rose — who rewrites the rules of the game and teaches him the power of compassion.
❤ Details:
■ Venue:Kwanglim Arts Center – BBCH Hall ( Seoul )
■ From 2018.06.01 – to 2018 .08.12
■ About 150 minutes ( intermission 20 minutes )
■ Age limit:15 or above .
■ Ticket price:
◇ VIP seat :140,000 won / ◇ R seat :110,000 won
◇ S seat :80,000 won / ◇ A seat :60,000 won
❤ SE7EN’s schedule as Eddy Birdlace (male lead):
■ 2018.06.01 ( Fri ) 20:00
■ 2018.06.02 ( Sat ) 19:00
■ 2018.06.03 ( Sun ) 18:00
■ 2018.06.09 ( Sat ) 15:00
■ 2018.06.10 ( Sun ) 14:00
■ 2018.06.14 ( Thur ) 20:00
■ 2018.06.16 ( Sat ) 15:00
■ 2018.06.16 ( Sat ) 19:00
■ 2018.06.17 ( Sun ) 18:00
■ 2018.06.21 ( Thur ) 20:00
■ 2018.06.23 ( Sat ) 15:00
■ 2018.06.23 ( Sat ) 19:00
■ 2018.06.24 ( Sun ) 18:00
❥ Tickets will be available for fans to purchase starting on 2018.04.23 at 14:00
❥ Ticketing websites:
■ Interpark: https://goo.gl/7arvh2
■ Yes 24: https://goo.gl/uQt3kQ
■ Hana ticket: https://goo.gl/bisnsr
■ Ticket link: https://goo.gl/qhAU8w
■ or you can visit here for 2nd hand tickets ( english page )

credit: Dogfight2018 + Anchi Chou @ FB Group

[INFO] Se7en to perform at “2018 Maybe Happy Ending Musical”

<Cast Member>
Oliver role: Yesung (Super Junior), SE7EN, Sungjae (supernova)
Claire role: Kim Joo-young, Song Sang-eun
James role: Rajun, Kim Nam Ho
May 3 – May 6 Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center Main Hall
May 10 – May 13 Osaka Morinomiya Piloti Hall
<Se7en’s performance schedule>
May 3 13:00
May 5 12:00
May 6 17:00
May 11 18:30
May 12 15:30
<Buy Tickets>

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* 『メイビー、ハッピーエンド』のトレイラー映像です! KNTV,DATV,Kchan!各チャンネルにて放映中なので 是非✔️してみて下さい! – 本日4月7日(土)10:00より『メイビー、ハッピーエンド』 チケット一般販売がスタート!👏🏻🤖 詳しくはチケットぴあのホームページをご覧下さい! – 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ 🎉サイン入りポラロイド写真プレゼントイベントをTwitterにて実施中🎉 新’s WAVEツイッターをご確認下さい💓 @shinswave * #shinswave #ミュージカル #メイビーハッピーエンド #2018年ミュージカル #SuperJunior #イェソン #SE7EN #超新星 #ソンジェ #ソンサンウン #キムジュヨン #ラジュン #キムナムホ #横浜 #大阪 #k_musical #신스웨이브 #뮤지컬 #어쩌면해피엔딩 #2018년뮤지컬 #슈퍼주니어 #예성 #세븐 #초신성 #성제 #송상은 #김주연 #라준 #김남호

A post shared by 新's WAVE (@shinswave) on

More info: shinswave.com

[INFO] 【2018 White day gift from SE7EN】Official Goods


【SE7EN complete supervision parka】

Price: 8,300 yen (tax included)


M (Length of about 650 mm × width of about 570 mm × sleeve length of about 590 mm × shoulder width of 565 mm)

L (Length of about 680 mm × width of about 610 mm × sleeve length of about 590 mm × shoulder width of 610 mm)

SE7EN Completely supervised Parker’s second appearance. The body color is gray and the SE7EN logo has been updated to red. The chest logo has become a luxurious specification similar to the first one represented by embroidery ★ This time L size is also available!

muffler towel

【Muffler Towel】

Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)

Size: Length of about 210 mm × width of about 1070 mm

It is a cool design muffler towel with red SE7EN logo on the black base. It is an indispensable item of a lifetime!

passport case

【Passport case】

Price: 2,000 yen (tax included)

Size: (when unfolded) Vertical Approximately 135 mm × Wide 200 mm

It is a candy & cookie pattern passport case perfect for White Day!

Printing is given in white on a pink base. Inside also holds holders to hold tickets etc ★

Material: PVC vinyl chloride

keychain boom boom

[Acrylic key holder (All 4 types randomly included)]

Price: 900 yen each (tax included)

Size: (acrylic body part) Vertical about 60 mm × side 55 mm

It is pastel color cookie type acrylic key holder which imaged white day. White day ‘s present and BOOMBOOM with flowers are printed!


[PROJECT] Project 15 Years With SE7EN for his 15th debut anniversary !

❤ dear all * it’s only 18 days away from our 7 his 15th debut anniversary!let’s show our LOVE & SUPPORT by sending him our handwritten letters with graffiti & congrats flowers ~^^
❤======= Project Tittle – 15 Years With SE7EN =======❤


❥ this pic is my handwritten letter with graffito ( i drew on letter paper ) ~i made it as a sample but you can ---
■ only write a handwritten letter if you couldn’t draw.
■ not only 7 his images ,you can just draw like V gesture or thumbs-up or something simple .
■ after done your handwritten letter ( with graffito ) , plz take a pic of it and send it to me .
■ i’ll make a special e-book ( @ Maria C González will help me ~ ^^)
■ don’t forget to write your name and your nationality.
■ you can send me here via direct message or via email:
■ my email :fairy77@hotmail.com.tw
❥ i also sought the staff’s consent to send our 7 congrats flowers to 1109ent .
■ so you can donate a little bit of momeny for buying congrats flowers
■ the more money we get the more flowers we’ll send to him.
■ will definitely send him flowers in the name of each participating contry.
■ my koean friend will buy flowers for us so don’t even worry about international shipping rate .
■ donate money will be acceptable via paypal :
■ plz send to : fairy77@hotmail.com.tw ( via paypal ) .
❤~~PLZ JOIN this PROJECT everyone!!

The result (view it on PC please!)


credit: Anchi Chou @ FB Group