[PROJECT] Project 15 Years With SE7EN for his 15th debut anniversary !

❤ dear all * it’s only 18 days away from our 7 his 15th debut anniversary!let’s show our LOVE & SUPPORT by sending him our handwritten letters with graffiti & congrats flowers ~^^
❤======= Project Tittle – 15 Years With SE7EN =======❤


❥ this pic is my handwritten letter with graffito ( i drew on letter paper ) ~i made it as a sample but you can ---
■ only write a handwritten letter if you couldn’t draw.
■ not only 7 his images ,you can just draw like V gesture or thumbs-up or something simple .
■ after done your handwritten letter ( with graffito ) , plz take a pic of it and send it to me .
■ i’ll make a special e-book ( @ Maria C González will help me ~ ^^)
■ don’t forget to write your name and your nationality.
■ you can send me here via direct message or via email:
■ my email :fairy77@hotmail.com.tw
❥ i also sought the staff’s consent to send our 7 congrats flowers to 1109ent .
■ so you can donate a little bit of momeny for buying congrats flowers
■ the more money we get the more flowers we’ll send to him.
■ will definitely send him flowers in the name of each participating contry.
■ my koean friend will buy flowers for us so don’t even worry about international shipping rate .
■ donate money will be acceptable via paypal :
■ plz send to : fairy77@hotmail.com.tw ( via paypal ) .
❤~~PLZ JOIN this PROJECT everyone!!

The result (view it on PC please!)


credit: Anchi Chou @ FB Group