[VIDEO] 180119 1109ent Instagram Update feat. Se7en

ELEVEN9 입니다.
방송스케줄 안내입니다.
스타들의 푹 빠진 취미를 소개하고 관심사를 즐기는 모습을 엿보는 SBS 프로그램 <살짝 미쳐도 좋아>에 세븐이 다시 한 번 출연합니다.
지난 방송 후 엄청난 연습량으로 일취월장한 볼링 실력을 기대하게 하는 이번 방송 놓치지마세요!
✅1월 20일 토요일 밤 12시 25분
✅1월 27일 토요일 밤 12시 25분
#SE7EN #세븐 #SBS예능프로그램 #살미도#살짝미쳐도좋아 #볼링


This is ELEVEN9.
Broadcast schedule information.
Se7en once again appeared on the SBS program “You can go crazy too”, which shows you how to introduce the hustle-bustle hobbies of stars and enjoy their interests.
Do not miss this broadcast that expects you to have a great bowling ability with great practice after the last broadcast!
✅ Saturday, January 20, at 12:25
✅ Saturday, January 27, at 12:25
@ se7enofficial
# SE7EN # SE7EN # SBS entertainment program # Salmido # You can go crazy # Bowling

Translated by noizumi @ se7enation

[PHOTOS] 180101 – 180106 Se7en’s Instagram Update


#happynewyear #2018 #모두건강하세요 #행복하세요 #cheers🍷

eng: #happynewyear #2018 #all healthy #be happy


ind: #selamat tahun baru #2018 #semua sehat #berbahagia #bersulang🍷


SE7EN 공연 공지 입니다.
2018년 첫 K-POP 영국 공연으로 단 한 번도 K-POP concert가 열리지 않은 축구의 성지 런던 웸블리 경기장에서 K-POP의 열기를 느껴보실 수 있는 공연이 개최 됩니다. 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.
일시 : 2018년 1월27일
장소 : 영국 런던 엠블리 스테디엄
출연진 : 세븐, 몬스타엑스, 세븐어클락, 타이티
티켓판매처 : www.kpopknight.com / www.tickettailor.com

First K-POP performance in UK in 2018
K-POP concert has never been done in London, the holy land of pop music. Meet the most hottest K-POP starts in Wembley Stadium. Please come and take a part of this historical event in Europe.

Date and time: January 27, 2018
Place: Wembley Arena, London, England
Cast: SE7EN, MONSTA X, Seven O’clock, TAHITI
Sales site: www.kpopknight.com / www.tickettailor.com

#1109 #ELEVEN9 #ELVN9 #일레븐나인#se7en


Penampilan K-POP pertama di UK di tahun 2018 
Konser K-POP tidak pernah diadakan di London, tanah suci dari musik pop. Temuilah artis K-POP yang paling panas di Stadium Wembley. Mohon datang dan ambil bagian dari acara bersejarah di Eropa ini. 

Tanggal dan Waktu: 27 Januari 2018
Tempat: Wembley Arena, London, England
Penampil: SE7EN, MONSTA X, Seven O’clock, TAHITI
Situs penjualan: www.kpopknight.com / www.tickettailor.com

#1109 #ELEVEN9 #ELVN9 #eleven nine #se7en




✖️✖️ @1109ent



ind: #minuman anggur ini luar biasa🍷



ind: #tidak ingin (olahraga) lari




eng: #ven evening (good evening)

ind: #ven malam (selamat malam)

Translated by noizumi @ se7enation

[INFO] How to apply free tickets to see SE7EN performing at KBS 

Pyeong-chang Winter Olympics Games G-50

Se7en will be performing at KBS Pyeong-chang Winter Olympics Games G-50 on 2017.12.21 ( live broadcast ).
and any L7s ( including worldwide L7s ) can apply for free tickets!
❥ Application date:
◇ December 13th at 7:00 pm – 18th at 14:00 pm
( first come first served basis )
■ Notification:
will be announced by email given after 17:00 pm on 18th Dec .
so plz do check your email box to get answer.
■ Gathering place:
KBS88- Gymnasium Arena Hall Entrance
(376 Gonghang Daero Airport Rd Hwagonk-dong Gangseo-gu Seoul)
◇ Details will be announced once the notification of application completely.
■ Gathering & list confirmation:
December 21 at 3:45 to 4:20
( once you have arrived the gathering place within the time, please confirm your identity and receive the tickets in order according to the admission number you have given. )
■ ID card is required .
■ Admission Time:
21th December – from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
■ Live broadcast time
21th December – from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
❥ --- How to Apply---
■ 1) Send an email to : luckyse7en@1109ent.com
■ 2) Email subject:PyeongChang Winter Olympic LIVE
( with your Name / Date of Birth in English in the subject )
◇ They will confirm the application through the email title without confirming the contents of the email.
■ 3) Please only send an email per person.
( don’t send over 2 emails per person or can make trouble for them)
■ 4) When the application form is omitted, it is excluded from the application list.
■ Please note that the time of entry might be adjusted slightly depending on the progress of the event.

Translated by Anchi Chou @ FB Group