[PHOTO] 180319 Kim Hyun Gi Ameblo Update feat. Se7en

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credit: https://ameblo.jp/hyunki/entry-12361785150.html

[FANTAKEN PHOTOS] 180312 2018 White Day Gift from Se7en in Tokyo

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[FANTAKEN PHOTOS] 180314 2018 White Day Gift from Se7en in Osaka

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[PHOTOS] 180311 – 180314 Lucky Se7en Japan Instagram Update feat. Se7en

(1) #いまあいに行きます❤️

eng: #I’m going to meet you now❤️

ind: #Aku akan menemui kalian sekarang❤️

(2) #김밥김밥🍙

eng: #kimbab kimbab🍙

(3) osaka 2回も 화이팅^^!!!

eng: osaka part2 fighting too^^!!!

ind: osaka bagian2 juga semangat^^!!!

(4) team7 #osaka#thankyou #loveyou😘

ind: team7 #osaka #terima kasih #aku cinta kalian😘

Translated by noizumi @ se7enation

[INFO] 【2018 White day gift from SE7EN】Official Goods


【SE7EN complete supervision parka】

Price: 8,300 yen (tax included)


M (Length of about 650 mm × width of about 570 mm × sleeve length of about 590 mm × shoulder width of 565 mm)

L (Length of about 680 mm × width of about 610 mm × sleeve length of about 590 mm × shoulder width of 610 mm)

SE7EN Completely supervised Parker’s second appearance. The body color is gray and the SE7EN logo has been updated to red. The chest logo has become a luxurious specification similar to the first one represented by embroidery ★ This time L size is also available!

muffler towel

【Muffler Towel】

Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)

Size: Length of about 210 mm × width of about 1070 mm

It is a cool design muffler towel with red SE7EN logo on the black base. It is an indispensable item of a lifetime!

passport case

【Passport case】

Price: 2,000 yen (tax included)

Size: (when unfolded) Vertical Approximately 135 mm × Wide 200 mm

It is a candy & cookie pattern passport case perfect for White Day!

Printing is given in white on a pink base. Inside also holds holders to hold tickets etc ★

Material: PVC vinyl chloride

keychain boom boom

[Acrylic key holder (All 4 types randomly included)]

Price: 900 yen each (tax included)

Size: (acrylic body part) Vertical about 60 mm × side 55 mm

It is pastel color cookie type acrylic key holder which imaged white day. White day ‘s present and BOOMBOOM with flowers are printed!


[INFO] “2018 White day gift from SE7EN” Fanmeeting


Se7en  to hold fanmeetings in Japan. Tickets will be available for official membership to preorder first from 2018.01.24 to 2018.01.29 .
❥ 《 2018 White day gift from SE7EN 》
▼ 2018.03.12 ( Mon ):Tokyo – Zepp DiverCity
■ daytime:door open at 14:00 / starting at 15:00
■ nighttime:door open at 18:00 / starting at 19:00
■ price :9,800 yen (tax included – take seat by ticket number)
▼ 2018.03.14 ( Wed ):Osaka – Zepp Namba
■ daytime:door open at 14:00 / starting at 15:00
■ nighttime:door open at 18:00 / starting at 19:00
■ price :9,800 yen (tax included – take seat by ticket number)