Greetings everyone,

First of all, we apologize for the hiatus of this blog for a few months now. We were having difficulties because our government has blocked tumblr.com (our previous blog host) in Indonesia so we decided to move to wordpress.com now. So now.. WE’RE BACK!!

We have moved all of the posts on our tumblr blog to here but the media somehow can’t be shown here. So if you ever want to see our previous photos or videos we’re sorry to bother you but you have to look it up yourself on our tumblr site (link here if your country is not banning it).

It took us months to update this new blog because we need a few adjustments in creating the posts because it’s obviously different from tumblr. We decided to open it today because it’s SE7EN DAY!! July 7th is just an ordinary day for others but not for us Lucky Se7en! It’s even more special to us at Se7enation because it’s also our 11th anniversary today~!! Woo hoo~~!!

Now this blog’s purpose is to store everything that is related to our boy SE7EN (Choi Dong Wook) but we’re mostly active in Instagram! So follow us over there please~ And all updates from Instagram and this blog will be shown in our twitter also. So make sure to follow us over there too!! And don’t forget to show us love by liking and commenting also yeah?! 😉

Thank you and have a nice SE7EN day~!! 🙂