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180423 Ep.1

180508 Ep.2

by WeAreK-POP-TV

[VIDEO] 180418 “2018 Maybe Happy Ending Musical” Live practice room

[FANCAM] 180324 ‘2018 Briquette Service’ with Se7en

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[FANCAMS] 180315 Se7en at KIX Osaka going home to Seoul

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[VIDEO] 180228 “Legendary Bowling” 2nd teaser feat. Se7en

The show’s 1st broadcast will be on Friday, March 16th 11PM KST on TV Chosun. Livestream here: http://aqstream.com/tvch/TV-Chosun-HD-2

The 1st teaser: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfM3lCnnqUe/?taken-by=zerohunpd (Se7en also has uploaded this in his IG a while ago)